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Project in the spotlight: Viabuild

Viabuild, one of Belgium's major players in infrastructure works, recently completed its new headquarters on the Rupeltunnel in Puurs. The total investment costs for the project amounted to € 8 million.

Willy Naessens Industrial Buildings had the absolute honour to play a role in the project.

The site is a home base for Viabuild's 730 employees, consolidating on the one hand the organic growth that they have earned and, on the other, sowing the seeds for a flourishing future. The centralisation of three branches has resulted in this architectural gem. Both the builder and architect consciously opted for a modern yet timeless architecture wrapped in solid and durable materials.

It was immediately clear that the sustainability of concrete was chosen in view of the medium- to long-term value of the property, and account was taken of the Total Cost of Ownership rather than using the bare “short-term” figures.

Moreover, the excellent visibility from the A12 motorway (Brussels-Antwerp) means the building is difficult to ignore.

Construction started in January 2018 and was completed in March 2019. The intended industrial style is beautifully reflected in the quiet, functional workspaces, the variety of landscaped offices, the modern warehouse and the garage where the company's own equipment is repaired.

The building has a footprint of 2,825 m² that can be used for all kinds of purposes, and 2,822 m² of upstairs floor space where the offices, social areas and archives are housed. All in all more than half a hectare.

Willy Naessens Industrial Buildingswas responsible for the foundations, concrete structure, walls, roofing, concrete floor and exterior joinery. The architects should be credited for having produced a design that incorporates all of the client's requirements, with a timeless architecture as the sublime result.


Developer: Viabuild NV

Architect: ants architecture & advice– Gaëtan Boulet

Surface area: 2825 m² + 2822 m² upper floor space

Structure: Concrete

Walls: Office – 28 cm smooth concrete with 100 mm PIR (Reckli motif)

Roof: Concrete roof elements for the warehouse and roof elements for the offices.

Beeld: Viabuild - Bouwen aan Vlaanderen

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