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Willy Naessens Loves You

Willy Naessens Loves You

The Willy Naessens group launches its Willy Naessens loves you campaign.
Project in the spotlight: Telim – Hasselt

Project in the spotlight: Telim – Hasselt

You can't miss it. Willy Naessens Industriebouw Tessenderlo has built an impressive retail complex on the Hasselt ring road for project developer QCI (Tans Family).

The building, with a total surface area of ​​13,000 m² and a total height of approx. 25 meters, provides a ground-level car park, 2 floors with stores operated by, among others, Albert Heijn, Toychamp, Jysk and Action, as well as an indoor playground with a large mezzanine on the third floor.

The design by HVC architects has eye-catching wooden cladding.  In between, there are large windows and stair towers elegantly concealed behind expanded metal panels.

Willy Naessens Industriebouw gained the confidence of the client to deliver the building under a turnkey contract in an absolute record time of just 8 months. The structural work was not the only challenge, coordinating all the technologies, interior finishing, façade cladding and external works, combined with the fitting out of the shops by the retailers themselves, was also quite a feat.

Thanks to smooth communication and the motivated team of Willy Naessens Industriebouw Tessenderlo, this site also turned into a success!

Willy Naessens Industriebouw goes international

Willy Naessens Industriebouw goes international

After branches in Belgium (home market), the Netherlands, France and operations in Denmark and Luxembourg, Willy Naessens Industrial Buildings is now focusing on Eastern Europe, namely Romania.

The establishment of Willy Naessens Industrial Buildings Romania began at the end of 2018. It will develop its main activity as a main contractor, supported by its own production of pre-stressed concrete beams, reinforced columns and beams, as well as wall elements.

Both activities are located in the Bucharest area, about 35 km along the A1 motorway. “The launch in Romania is a strategic choice. Its excellent connections make the location ideally suited to our operations. “Once again, the principle of vertical integration will be a huge asset", says Dirk Deroose, CEO of the Willy Naessens Group.

Willy Naessens Industriebouw from Belgium and Wincon SRL (, the Romanian partner, who has been active in general contracting and industrial building for several years, are setting up a joint venture under the name of Willy Naessens Industrial Buildings Romania.

Construction of the new production facility is scheduled to start in May 2019 and expected to be operational before the end of 2019. It will cover a total area of 6,000 m².

In the meantime, the general contracting activity will start in April 2019, supported by the two highly experienced shareholders. The organizational structures are ready and can already welcome new colleagues to Willy Naessens Industrial Buildings Romania

Willy Naessens is happily married and wants to share his fortune by supporting multiple charities

Willy Naessens is happily married and wants to share his fortune by supporting multiple charities

Marie-Jeanne and Willy Naessens suggested to their guests that they could make a voluntary gift by contributing towards a good cause.

"We were overwhelmed by the generosity of our guests!," Marie-Jeanne beams. "It is good to know that people still have a big heart."

A total of €125,000 was donated and, to show his gratitude, Willy is himself increasing the amount by a further € 25,000, resulting in a final total of €150,000.

This entire amount will, of course, be divided among a large number of good causes. We will spread this over a number of years, but through our website everyone can follow precisely which good causes this money goes to”, explains Willy Naessens.

The good causes that have already received a piece of the cake include Pelicano (combating child poverty) - Het Ventiel (young dementia) - Beautiful after Breast Cancer (well-being and feeling good after breast cancer) - Care 4 Aya (improving cancer care for youngsters) - MPI De Kindervriend Rollegem (children with mental disability) - Noblito (social isolation of the elderly) - Sofhea (Social Fund for Haematological Diseases) - Lidwina (social goals concerning MS) - Streekmotor23 (local initiatives of South-East Flanders) - Give us a break (holiday care for children with disabilities) - Born in Africa (educational and social development for children) - Chiro and Scouts Zwalm (construction project) - 24 hours from Oudenaarde (8 charities) - Champagne happening Sparkling in Oudenaarde (Children's Cancer Fund) - The Willy Friends (Fight against Cancer) - Digestive Oncology Fund (research projects for patients with digestive tumours) -…

Willy Naessens Group invests in Concreton pre-cast concrete plant

Willy Naessens Group invests in Concreton pre-cast concrete plant

The Willy Naessens Group continues to invest, also in one of its 11 Concreton pre-cast concrete plants in Geraardsbergen.

Mayor Guido De Padt, Town Clerk Veerle Alaert and Alderwoman Veronique Fontaine were given a personal tour of Concreton today, where Chairman Willy Naessens, CEO Dirk Deroose and Plant Manager Lisen Kockelberg proudly showed then around the expanded facility.

“Standing still means going backwards,” says Plant Manager Lisen Kockelberg, laughing.

“The existing warehouse has been completely modernised with electric overhead cranes so as to be able to continue handling the constantly increasing part lengths in an ergonomic and safe way. The existing method using polluting diesel forklifts was no longer appropriate. We have new raw material bunkers where we can store up to 800 tons of material, a new laboratory and a new maintenance room. The high-voltage cabin has been renovated, a new transformer installed and the new warehouse with 350 pallet spaces has been completely redesigned."

“The entire investment program is costing €4 million, with completion within 12 months. As a business owner, you constantly have to ask yourself whether production processes can be improved, or efficiency enhanced, because such things are possible everywhere and Concreton is also a good example of this”, says CEO Dirk Deroose. He is referring here to the automatic stock position detection via scanners, linked to loading slips, which also makes semi-automatic loading possible. There is also a new tilting funnel with a vertical conveyor so that drivers no longer have to wait after they have unloaded their material, as well as a weighing truck to enable even more accurate metering of the different concrete mixes. “This investment plan furthermore makes it possible to maintain the existing employment level in Geraardsbergen, which we can only applaud”, adds Dirk Deroose.

Nor has the environment been forgotten, of course. As a result of these investments, the existing vehicle fleet has been reduced, noise emissions will be a lot lower on account of electric gantries now taking the place of the diesel forklifts that were there before and, last but not least, the planting of greenery is planned this autumn for both the railway and the residential areas.

The making of advertising campaigns

The making of advertising campaigns

Willy and marketing, you can virtually speak of the two in a single breath. A while ago, Willy Naessens Industriebouw launched a new advertising campaign, and a hugely striking one at that!

“People are constantly talking to us about it! Our customers love it and are very grateful to us for the free advertising we are doing for them," says marketing man Willy Naessens.

But how does such a campaign come about?


Invite customers to lunch at the Willy Naessens Group headquarters. Not just any lunch, because each meal was cooked by a different top chef! Sofie Dumont, Wout Bru, Boxy’s, … they and many other top chefs displayed their culinary skills. Apart from the purpose of this lunch, this afternoon is, of course, also an excellent, pleasant and exclusive networking moment for business people.


Build a photo studio, arrange for a photographer, get a make-up stylist who can help turn the customers into real stars. Take some photos in the studio.


Send a photographer on the road to take pictures of the accomplishments.


And now it's up to the designer to put everything together in one ad. Ready!

Finally, the customer is seen beaming in a trade magazine or newspaper. A win-win situation for both companies. Yet another satisfied Willy Naessens customer!

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